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Need Ideas? Here's a Couple

Need some ideas?  Here are a few thoughts that have been in my head. 
Does anyone remember these words?  “The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one he said.”   Jeff Wayne did a rock and synthesizer version of the War of the Worlds in 1981.  Look it up on iTunes there are a couple of very memorable songs.  How about a choral oratorio version of War of the Worlds with original music?
Several pop songs have been using shouted acclamations to add excitement to the songs.  Check out Ho Hey by the Lumineers or Blurred Lines by Robert Thicke (NSFW).  I’d like to see some new choral pieces with shouted/spoken elements that support the melody. 
Zombies!  Everyone loves zombies.  Why are there not more choral pieces about undead?!
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