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Barchelor of Music degree in choral conducting

I need your advice in one important question for me. May be there are some posts in the forum here about that but I haven'n found it. I apologize for my not perfect English, I'm working about it.
So, my question is: what Music Schools can I get Barchelor of Music dergee in choral conducting? I'm not United States person. East coast or West coast are priority. Especially NYC. This is very, very important for me, there are some personal reasons to continue my tutorial in the U.S. I'm also looking for a job as choral conductor in the U.S.
May be you know professors or conductors who give me an advice...

Some information about me:
I graduated from one of Music College in Moscow in 2012 as choral conducter. I have the diploma dergee as choral conductor in some music competitions in Russia for example V International competition af academic choir conductors 2012 at Krasnoyarsk State Academy of music and theatre ( or IV regional music competition of academic choir conductors 2012 at Petrozavodsk State Conservatory, I was a participant of III Moscow competition of academic choir conductors at Moscow Choral Academy and others.
I have two years expirience with the children's choir (age 7-13) and good piano playing skills so I can work as an accompanist. And also I have AP.
I was getting ready to enter the Moscow Conservatory but there were some persomal reasons I didn't continue my education. But music is everywhere - in my mind, in my ears... I can't live without it. I want to become high-professional choral conductor. I'm going to study orchestral conducting in the future too (I had some very little expirience with it at once: we played 5 Brandenburg concerto (i was the conductor and played the piano) in college). In Russia it's impossible for me due to personal reasons...

I need some finansial aid&scolarships for tutorion because I don't have to pay for tutorion in full. It's very important part of my question.

If you want to know more information or to ask any question I'm ready to answer and waiting for messages.

Many super thanks in advance for your answers which will be very useful for me.

Best regards. Anna

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