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Child's Ballads (Where to find)

Hello Colleagues,
Does anyone know of a good edition of the Child's Ballads?
The 19th century editions of the books were in five volumes and contained only the lyrics.
I have seen a book about the ballads that includes some of the melodies written out small at the top of the page and the words at the bottom of the page.
I am looking for an edition with the words and music on the same lines.
Dover publishes the five volumes at about $30 apiece.   But I don't know if they are reprints of the originals - in which case, they would be less than ideal (but workable).
Nick Page
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on November 7, 2013 4:51pm
 You probably know about Bertrand Bronson's books (Princeton U., c. 1960) that catalogue the melodies, like Child did the words; but I haven't seen them in over 30 years and can't recall if the words and music were aligned.  In the (distant) past, I sang Child Ballads for my own enjoyment, and if I couldn't find a recorded traditional version that I liked (Jean Ritchie, Ewan McColl, Doc Watson, etc), I put together my own by choosing one of Bronson's melodies, and adding a version of the words that I liked from Child.  Often, I combined versions or added verses in order to recreate the full story.  Are you working on choral arrangements of ballads or another book, Nick?
For readers who may not know, Nick has written at least two books on choral singing, and Sing and Shine On I found to be an essential and indispensable guide when I started teaching elementary school music and choir in 2000, and still reread today.  His workshops are great too!
on November 7, 2013 6:25pm
You asked, "Are you working on choral arrangements of ballads or another book?"
Yes, I'm always looking for songs to arrange, but I am more interested right now in exploring my English roots.
In the last thirty years I have been blessed to participate in amazing Black Gospel singing, Klezmer Nign chanting, Sufi Prayers, sacred Cuban drum chants, an endless diversity.  I feel safe in all those worlds.   As a Cherokee woman told me once, we are all indigenous to the planet Earth.
But I recently heard a simple performance of a solo unacompanied singer singing I BOUGHT MY LOVE A CHERRY from the Child's Ballads (not the same version we know now).   And I was moved by every detail of the song, its' humor (hidden meanings), its' sadness (more double meanings), its' depth.  
I have so far found the five volume set of Child's Ballads published by both Loomis and Dover.   I think that both are reproductions of the original five volumes, but I won't be sure until the the volumes I ordered arrived.
Nick Page
on November 8, 2013 7:50am
 Hi Nick,
 A classic compilation from Childs, and often from The Folk Song Society: One Hundred English Folksongs collected by Cecil J Sharp was published by Oliver Ditson,Boston, 1916.
 It likely has been reissued many times over. The notes are comprehensive as to sources. I imagine the piano accomaniments reflect the local harmonization as reflected in Victorian times.
 A wonderful source!
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