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Starting Choir Boosters

I am to the point in my program where it is growing so much that its hard to keep track of it all myself. I am starting  a choir boosters. I have the parent help...just need to know how to start it. I've never had experience with choir boosters. Any hints and advice would be much appreciated!
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on November 7, 2013 4:44pm
Choir Boosters can be very, very helpful, but they can also drag your program into the ground if you don't watch out.  I don't currently have a Boosters group, but was on the Boosters board when the HS choir had one. (I was teaching elementary ed and elementary music at the time.)
First thing you do is to get a group of parents together that would be interested in working as board members. They should elect officers -- President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and Publicist. (In a smaller group, you could combine Sec/Treas, and Historian/Publicist.)  They should draw up a document that shows the purpose of the Booster group, the jobs that the Boosters are expected to do, what every officer is expected to do, how often Boosters will meet, what constitutes a Quorum for vote, what types of votes have to be taken to the general membership (i.e. all choir parents).  Eventually, unless you form your Boosters under the umbrella of a big schoolwide Boosters organization, you'll have to file for a 503C.  Your district may even require that any financial accounts be under the big Boosters until you file said 503C. 
You need to meet with the Boosters and work with them regarding finances. The reason our HS choir no longer has a Boosters is that some (after I left the group) spent more money than they had, and the District had to come in and take over.  Not good! 
Hope this helps.
on November 9, 2013 6:27pm
I suggest you take a look at the Texas UIL (University Interscholastic League) website and type in booster clubs in the search area. You'll be able to download a PDF document which will give you a good place to begin. Check it out.
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