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Choir type: College and University Choirs
Voicing: Mixed
Going beyond words, one of the longest running Choral Radio shows in the country will feature Franz Von Suppé's 1855 Requiem in D minor this Sunday at Noon, Central Time.   To stream this program 1 Hour and 19 mins. go to KVNO.ORG Noon Central Time and click on "Listen Now"  This is a stunning musical creation and a very musical performance
Work: Franz von Suppé Requiem in D minor
Marie Fajtová, Soprano; FRanziska Gottwald, Alto
Tomislav Mužek, Tenor; Albert Presendorfer, Bass
Artists: Philharmonischer Choir Müchen and Philharmonie Festiva
Conductor: Gerd Schaller
Label: Profil  (Edition Gunter Hänssler)  BR Klassik
Distributor: NAXOS
The question is.... are we talking about a Requiem from The King of Operetta?  A Requiem by Franz Von Suppé?
What on earth would it be?  Light Cavalry or the Poet and Peasant Overtures pressed into a liturgical corset?
Could it mean a liturgical trifle without any signficance?
In her programme notes Dr. Ursula Adamski-Stömer suggests that it is amazing and completely incomprehensible
that this Requiem in D minor of 1855 for solo voices, choir and orchestra is still not in the common repertoire.  True,
there have been off and on performances and a small number of CD Recording, but such marginal interest does not
do justice to this work.
In terms of qualitiy and the appropriateness of this setting, This Requiem is thorough in keeping with its elevated purpose.
In von Suppé's obituary in 1895 Johannes Brahms wrote: "He actually owes his inredible agility in secular things to his
sacred composition.  He had really learnt something!"   Written for and dedicated to Pope Pius IX, His holiness graciously 
accepted the dedication and there is impressive evidence that the work is grounded in solid liturgical practice.
Hope you can join me for this special airing of Requiem in D minor this Sunday, November 10, 2013
Go to KVNO.ORG and click on "Listen Now"     Thanks,  Stan Schmidt, Host/Producer
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