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Needed: 7th grade not English, Unison selection

Good Morning,
I need to fill a hole in my program (yes, for the December concert...)
Do you have an accompanied unison piece suitable for a mixed 7th grade choir in your repitoire?  I would prefer it not be in English, and mid-tempo or faster.  If it was on cpdl, that would be ideal, too. 
Thank you!
Jean Enyeart
Menomonie Middle School
on November 14, 2013 2:22pm
May I recommend Doreen Rao's arrangement of the Hebrew canon, "Hashivenu"?  Melody and words are easy to learn, and it can be sung in unison OR as a 2 or 3 part canon.  The ONLY drawback is the range: middle C up to E (10th)(or octave below that). I took this about mid-tempo, played around with a little for my changing-voice boys, and it was a nice piece. Students returning this year BEGGED me to do it again. (I brought out a different Hebrew piece.)

That would be "Hanerot Halalu", in 2 parts (Part 2 is an ostinato).  The Hebrew is a little more complicated than "Hashivenu".
on November 15, 2013 4:06am
Cuncti Simus (ed. Soto) is a very cool piece!  I've used it with many different voicings -- from elementary choir to mixed MS voices -- and it has always been successful and very well-liked.  The chorus is easy and easy to learn; the verses (and there are many) are well-suited to soloists.  The accompaniment is created by layering several instruments (all drone parts) that help the song sound medieval.  I highly recommend this piece!
Kelly Truax
Prairie Point 7-9
on November 15, 2013 6:45am
I can recommend a little french songbook named ''Enchantement 6''. this little songbook was built for youth choir by Antoine Dubois. There are 15 original composition in unisson (one of them is a 2 voices and 2 canons) with piano. There is a CD coming a side of this songbook with full performance and piano accompaniment on it. Most of them are quite easy and some others with a bit of challenge.
fifteen miniatures that make up this collection strolling the choir through a zoo. The tender and poetic universe of comical Pierre Coran is accessible to all ages and melodies have kept this playful spirit that will appeal to the greatest number.
We have a huge selections of french songbook for kids available throught our website at just type 506-089 into our search engine and you will find it. We are the proud disitrbutor of A Coeur Joie France who is one of the biggest french publisher for choir in Europe.
If you need more information or other suggestions please send us an email at boutique(a)
hope this will help
on November 15, 2013 7:13am
Might I suggest Petr Eben's Pisniçka O Vrâbci. It is a mid-tempo Czech piece about a bird seeking shelter from the cold. There is a complete pronunciation guide in the inside cover of the piece. Being Eben, it is ethereal and strangely beautiful. It is strictly in F major, and might be a bit simple for 7th graders melodically, but the lingual challenges, in my opinion, outweigh the simplicity of the tune. 
Carter L. Collins
Mississippi College
Music Education major
on November 15, 2013 9:37am
Dormi, Dormi - arr.Mary Goetze - beautiful!
on November 16, 2013 9:21am
My kids had a pretty wide range so we could do quite a few warhorses.   Hope this short list is helpful:
Bach (attrib.):  Bist du bei Mir BWV 508
Brahms:  Wie bist du, mein Königin Op 32 #9
Caldara:  Sebben Crudele
Debussy:  Beau Soir
Faure:  Claire de Lune Op 46 #2
Mozart:  Zwei Kirchenlieder K 343
Strauss, Richard:  Zueignung Op 10 #1
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