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Santa Cecilia Concert in Chiva, Valencia, Spain

Location: Spain
The Musical Society "LaArtistica" of Chiva (Valencia_Spain) in collaboration with the City Council of Chiva, will offer an extraordinary concert for the SantA Cecilia celebration in the Astoria Municipal Theatre of the city. The event will start at 19.00 h. with the interpretation by the symphonic band "La Artistica" of Chiva, a part of the DIVINE COMEDY of Robert W. Smith.
In Part Two, the band will perform Carmina Burana - Carl Orff's Profanae Cantiones, with the participation of:
Victor Cabañero Diana, piano
Eva Paula Bonora Guasp, soprano
Vicente Antequera Gimeno, barítone
Coral Virgen del Castillo de Chiva Conducted by Raúl Martínez Villanueva
Coral Santa Cecilia de Chelva Conducted by Raúl Martínez Villanueva
Coro Cantoría Hipponensis de Valencia Conducted by Inmaculada Burriel Montoro
The Symphonic Band " La Artística" of Chiva conducted by Miguel Pérez Ricarte also serving as the Musical Director of the concert.
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