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The Birds (SSATBB, a cappella) – free

Here's a possibility for the new year: it's my medium-to-difficult setting of Hilaire Belloc's The Birds

Language: English, with one line of Latin. Duration: circa 2½ minutes. No divisi. The main challenge will be in managing the close harmonies.

Here's a multitrack recording by Matthew Curtis. 

"When Jesus Christ was four years old, The angels brought Him toys of gold" … so it's not especially suited to Christmas. Sorry about the timing!

To date, this has only been sung here in Australia. Please email me for a PDF of the score – this may be used for performances free of charge.


David Basden

deebee [at]

on November 22, 2013 3:27am

Thank you for the very positive messages.

Please note – I can't attach PDFs to messages sent within ChoralNet, as far as I'm aware. Attachments will need to be part of an email. 

(I've also had some success attaching PDFs to Facebook messages, although I'm not sure if this only works for "friends".)


Regards – DB


ps – In the reasonably near future I'll be endeavouring to post items in the Community Composition Showcase. Might be a couple of weeks though due to workload.

on February 16, 2014 2:48am

Here's a demo video that I made earlier today. Only the first half of the score is visible; however, the soundtrack is complete. (This is just to maintain some degree of control over the distribution of the sheet music, even though it's free to everyone.) 

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