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Guest Blog/Composition Ideas

I am looking for a couple of people who could write a guest blog for the front page of ChoralNet.  I haven't asked permission yet but would appreciate some help with the weekly load. Sometimes, like today, getting the Spotlight article done in time is very difficult with my schedule.  Having a ready to post guest blog post would be very helpful to me.  If you suggest a topic you would like to write on, I will run it by Scott Dorsey who handles ChoralBlog. 
I don't know if anyone needs ideas but when I think of something I would like to write, I like to share it in hope that one of you talented people can make it your own.
I would like to see someone write a four or five piece song cycle for solo voice or choir on texts about what it is to be a person in each of the stages of life (after infancy):
Childhood 6-12 care free, protected, Toyland
Teen 13-18 secondary school, social learning, school is your life, family still matters, in love for the 1st time
Young Adult 19-40 Your friends are your family or your family is your life, career matters
Middle age  Awareness that time is running out, only one life to live, no reset button
Old age:  outliving your friends or children, New friends didin't live the history you have, short term memory fading, body letting you down
I know I may take myself down a notch when I share that I like popular music styles, but Sting has a new very strange album called 'The Last Ship." It has some intersting folk ballads.  Anyway, "I Love Her But She Loves Someone Else" ( has a very powerful text for the first few stanas for anyone in my age category (middle age).  If a pop/folk artist can make this work why not a choral or classical genre?
on December 17, 2013 7:00am
This sounds like a great idea!
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