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FRANCE or GREECE - custom concert tours & 2015 choir festivals with MARY BREDEN & ANNA HAMRE

Location: France

KIconcerts: Perform in France or Greece - custom tour & choir festival opportunities


France seduces all musicians who come under her spell. Perform in Paris, experience Notre Dame, visit the Louvre, ascend the Eiffel Tower. From Versailles travel to Normandy - pay tribute to the fallen. Peruse a sample tour and consider the 2015 France Choral Festival led by Dr. Mary Breden


Tour and perform Athens where every step journeys deeper into ancient civilizations. Warm people, great Greek food, a culture abundant in richness, the Greek Islands cruise (Crete, Rhodes, Mykonos, Santorini) combine in a breathtaking performance and touring experience. In addition to the custom tour options is the 2015 Choral Odyssey Greece Festival led by Dr. Anna Hamre

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