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Electric (battery-powered) Candles

Hi all,
After another Christmas concert using cheap ($1–$2 each) battery-powered candles from the local craft store, I'm determined to find something more reliable (and certainly more expensive) than what we've used in the past. Looking through the ChoralNet archives, I see it's been many years since the question was posed, so does anyone have a good solution for the candlelight processional in places where you can't use real candles?
Each singer needs to be able to turn the candle off and put it a pocket when the processional is over, so something large and bulky won't work. I've found a few options online that might do the job, but I wanted to check with the ChoralNet family and see if anyone has a (near) foolproof solution that's been working for them. Thanks!
on December 9, 2013 2:52am
Hi Frank,
Instead of candle shaped lights we use small battery powered tea lights. They are easily put away in a pocket or can be placed on a railing, piano whatever. Have a look at the picture on our Facebook Fan club page to get an impression.
They even flicker....... ;)
(Det Norske Guttekoret)
on December 10, 2013 5:09am
In the past, I've purchased those little opthamoligcal lights - they're small and have a clip on them so they clip on a dress if necessary.  You can buy them in bulk from a variety of supply of medical supply companies.  If you want them to look a little more like real candles, you can take cellophane tape and put it on the top in a pointy shape and it looks amazingly real.
Randi Carp
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