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Recordings of Vocal Music from Around the World

I've been searching for a resource that I can use with my middle school choir.  Several times a week, we listen to (mostly vocal) music from different parts of the world and students complete a short descriptive review of each piece.  The idea is to help give the students a broad world view when it comes to music, while offering them the opportunity to analyze and interpret a variety of musical works.
I've been searching for good examples of a variety of international vocal music (solos, choirs, etc.) on You Tube... but this can be quite time consuming!  Does anyone have a good source for a collection of recordings or videos of vocal music ensembles/solos from around the world (online, CD's, videos, etc.) where I could access it all in one place?  Let me know if you have any suggestions.  Thanks!
Kim Kroetsch
Vocal Music Specialist
Linwood Monroe Arts Plus K-8
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