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Recordings of Vocal Music from Around the World

I've been searching for a resource that I can use with my middle school choir.  Several times a week, we listen to (mostly vocal) music from different parts of the world and students complete a short descriptive review of each piece.  The idea is to help give the students a broad world view when it comes to music, while offering them the opportunity to analyze and interpret a variety of musical works.
I've been searching for good examples of a variety of international vocal music (solos, choirs, etc.) on You Tube... but this can be quite time consuming!  Does anyone have a good source for a collection of recordings or videos of vocal music ensembles/solos from around the world (online, CD's, videos, etc.) where I could access it all in one place?  Let me know if you have any suggestions.  Thanks!
Kim Kroetsch
Vocal Music Specialist
Linwood Monroe Arts Plus K-8
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on December 10, 2013 4:32pm
Try the "Global Voices" materials from Mary Goetze of Indiana University.  She spent several years developing this resource, and it may be helpful.  However, she selected these pieces for their accessibility to children, and intended they should be sung by children's choirs, so they probably won't cover the range of adult music you are seeking.  She was also a consultant to Macmillan/McGraw-Hill's Spotlight on Music textbooks, CDs and DVDs for grades K-8, and perhaps other texts as well.  The videos are available as a separate purchase from the books and CDs, I think, but maybe you have to buy the books first. 
Perhaps, though, YouTube is as good as it gets.  It's pretty amazing in it's breadth and the way in which it's constantly added to.  Takes time but allows us to customize our use.
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on December 11, 2013 5:24am
Dear Kim,
To find samples of the world's music, you can search through the folkways Records files from the Smithsonian website.   But I recommend instead Voices, a three CD collection compiled by Joachim Ernst Berend.   He is a German Jazz Musician, Scholar, Philosopher and author of Nadha Brahma (The World is Made of Sound).   The first piece is the final AMEN from Handel's Messiah followed by a Buddhist Om.   The playlist is below.   He mixes in choral styles from around the Globe and doesn't leave out the European Classical traditions.   For a Junior High School student a KYRIE by Bach is going to be just as foreign as a KETJAK chant from Bali.   
Nick Page
Amen, Handel’s Messiah
Easter Hymn, Moscow
Three Hasidic Songs
Arc Descents, Harmonic Choir
Praise The Lord, J. S. Bach          
Ya Allah, Sufi Prayer
Lord I Know, I've Been Changed - African American Spiritual
Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody – Black Gospel
Sanctus, Whales from Missa Gaia by the Paul Winter Consort
Ave Formo Carmina Burana by Orff
Misa Luba movements
Om Namaha Shivaya
Otche Nash - Russian Our Father         
Mantra/Stabat Mater from The Arts at St. Ann's
Lux Aeterna - Ligeti         
Bamnqobile - Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Ketjak  Bali
Dies Irae - Mozart
Requiem, Rex Mozart      
Lietuva Bragi Lithuanian
Sakura Sakura!      
Soto Ritual Japanese Zen
La Illaha Illa 'la Hu (Zikr)
Spis Li Milke - Bulgarian  
Laudate Dominum - Palestrina
Tri Jetrve - Slovenia
Overtone Choir - Dusseldorf
Hosanna  Bach B Minor Mass    
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