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Brand new children's chorus in urban community, need advice!

Hello everyone!
My name is Melody and I am graduating from Hofstra University this month with a bachelors in Music Education. I have been recently hired to start a brand new children's chorus at a youth center in one of Long Island's most impoverished and high needs areas. The administration is very excited to be starting this chorus, and I am very excited to have the opportinty to lead it.
The chorus will include 50-60 kids, ranging in grade from kindergarten to 6th grade. I imagine that this age range may present challenges, however as I understand it, there is not much music in their schools, and when asked, most if not all of them have no concept of what a choir is, so they are all starting from the same place in terms of musical knowledge.
What I would love advice on is where to even start! I am planning on taking a more general music style approach at least at the beginning. I want them to have fun singning enjoyable songs and maybe even playing some games just to get them excited about singing with me. I figure we'll have to start with unison songs since they have no experience singing in parts. Maybe eventually I'll have them sing some partner songs or rounds, but for the beginning I wonder if anyone has some song suggestions that might be fun for this group.
I appreciate any advice you can give me! I am eager to work with these children, and hopefully expose them to a positive experience with music, inspiring them to continue to sing. Thanks!
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