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Who is on your Choral Conductor list this Christmas?

~~I'm taking a Christmas poll
After a recent evening Christmas concert, a few of my singers got into a rather animated conversation (while sipping an adult beverage) about  choral conductors.  "No matter how much we love our current choral conductor", said a bass, " there are definitely STARS out there we'd give anything to sing for" --- The conversation became more intense as the evening wore on.  But it got me thinking ...   who's on your list?

My list includes:
Anton Armstrong
James Jordan
Eric Whitacre

all for very different reasons ....

who's on your list?


on December 16, 2013 4:59pm
I like this topic that your students chose to discuss. In no way does it reflect negatively on their current conductor, as it shouldnt. I too have thought about such a question and yet I've sung under GREAT conductors: Dr. Richard Nance, Dr. Brian Galante, Tim Fitzpatrick, Dr. Geoffrey Boers (Carnegie Hall, NYC), Dr. Gregory Vancil, Dr. Z. Randall Stroope (honors choir), etc. All my teachers have been wonderful and are rising stars in the choral conducting and composing worlds.

I think if I could choose any choral conductors to sing under, or sell everything I owe to pay to sing for such conductors I'd choose: 
Dr. Anton Armstrong -
    Who is an incredible musician and person. I interviewed him last year for my capstone paper. I also have seen him work with a few choirs, he is truly phenomenal. His ear
    for tuning is one of the best in choral music today. I'd love to study with him.
Dr. Andre J. Thomas -
    Who I think is one of the top 5 conductors in the country. I got to learn from him in a conducting masterclass. I also observed him working with an honors choir instead  
    of attending an entire conference (I missed most of the NWACDA 2012 conference due to my sitting in on his rehearsals).
Rodney Eichenberger -
    Who is a living choral legend. I have had the chance to work with him in conducting masterclasses and I'd love the chance to sing for him in a concert setting.
Dr. Jo-Michael Scheibe -
    Who is a phenomenally talented conductor. I'd like to sing for him because he is a great interpreter or new choral music just like Dale Warland. I'd also like to work with
    him in a conducting  
    masterclass setting.
Dr. Richard Sparks -
    Who is one of the best interpreters or early choral music and a specialist in swedish choral music. I'd pay any $$$ to sing for him and learn from him. Also I'd give
    anything to study conducting with him.
Dr. Kenneth Fulton - 
    Who I believe is another living choral legend. I got to sing in a masterclass-like choir rehearsal that was ran by him while I was a student at PLU. The talents of Dr. Fulton    
    are second to none and his interpretations of choral literature are so inspiring and unique to himself. Simply unparalleled as a teacher/conductor.

Those would be my choices. 

Alan Davis

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