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The Christ Child's Lullaby.

I had the honour of being chosen for the Composition Spotlight last week with my setting for Men's voices of 'She Moved Through the Fair'. The feedback has
been so encouraging, I have posted the files for my setting of the Christ Child's Lullaby (also known as 'The Hebridean Carol') in the Library.
My wife and I run a Community Choir and one thing we have started doing every year is to get individuals to sing in small groups, which takes them out of their
comfort zone, but does wonders for their confidence.
This piece has been performed twice as an Octet in the last week, two of each voice. We are lucky to have a lady who plays the celtic harp so I changed the original piano
accompaniment accordingly.
I continue to fly the flag for the 'enthusiastic amateur' so the files are FREE to download and use, just notify me of any performances ( if you choose to use it.
John Brackenborough.
on December 20, 2013 12:34am
Nice work John!
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