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Women's Choir Clinicians

I am working on contacting clinicians for our regional honors choir for next year.  I am looking for a clinician for our women's choir.  We have three auditioned choirs, with our scoring evenly distributed among the groups.  We also screen our students two weeks prior to the clinic to insure they know their music.  The event is a very rewarding experience for our conductors and they are able to do much more than rehearse notes.  So I am looking for someone who is not only a talented choral conductor but also a passion for women's rep.  I have some names on my list: Sandra Snow, Susan Davenport, Shelbie Wahl-Fouts,  Hillary Apfelstadt.
I would like any feedback you can give me.  1st hand experience with them if possible.  Obviously email me privately as I certainly would not want to discuss these directors publicly
I would also welcome any other suggestions.  I am sure some will be booked already and I am working on next year plus two years.
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