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Stick Time: Physical Freedom

Many colleagues have opined in the page of the Choral Journal and elsewhere about the value of physical freedom whilst singing.  Put another way, they suggest a need to understand the difference between energy and tension.  You disagree? Clench you jaw and sing.  It can’t possible feel or sound good.
Consider then, this performance from an ACDA conference.  The singers are clearly physically involved with the music they are performing.  How does the physical freedom most of them are exhibiting effect the sound? Dose their physicality detract from the performance? Theorize as to the overall vocal health of the singers.
on January 21, 2014 7:12am
They sound fine, and obviously know the music.  If it's distracting it's only because I've been trained to expect a static group standing very still.  Not sure why that's a good thing.  Also, This is very much like the stage presence we sought years (decades) ago in what was then called "Madrigal Groups."  It was ok then.  Congratulations on an excellent performance.