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New a cappella setting for Women's Choir - 'Gather ye rosebuds'

I've just received a very nice recording from Jaclyn Johnson of a piece I wrote for her University of Michigan Women's Glee Club, which was given its first performance in November.  This was written in response to an appeal made by Jaclyn via ChoralNet for new music for this group.  It's quite a short piece - about two minutes in length - and is a setting of Robert Herrick's poem, 'Gather ye rosebuds while ye may'.  It's my first foray into this genre of music.  I was thrilled to receive the recording, and would like to share it here.  I may get round to uploading it to the Coimposers' Showcase at some stage, but in the meantime would welcome any comments!
Gordon Thornett, 
Birmingham, UK
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