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Best approach to sightsinging

My high school choir is going to organizational contest for the first time this year (I hope!), and sightsinging is one of the things they have to do.  My choir is not an advanced one.  I have only one high school choir in my schedule (I teach at 1 K-12 school), and it includes students with a lot of choral experience and some with almost none.  Due to my high school's six-period day, I also have a lot of turnover from year to year.  This year I only kept 5 of the students I had last year due to scheduling conflicts.  We do sightsinging in rehearsal, but I've never had much success with it since I get such a high turnover rate.  I get one group fairly well trained, and then I have to start from scratch again.  Do any of you have any sightsinging teaching techniques that have worked extremely well?  If you do, would you please share them with me?
Christina G. Lamb
Burris Laboratory School
Ball State University
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