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Any Dr. Who Fans? Children's Choir of teh Internet New Video

This is the product of another CCMC colaboration.  Both I and Mike O'Mara have started music businesses in the past year and a half.  Mike was touring through my area with the Evanston Teen Choir from his etc. Music School  He was looking for a place to perform so I offered him a venue if he would have his kids join mine on a tribute song to Matt Smith.  He agreed and we had a wonderful concert.  My group is still in a building stage.  If we can get local kids to know the cool stuff we are doing I believe we will build an awesome program.  If you are not a Doctor Who fan, you may not be able to see the beauty of this.  If I could just get my hands on the Tardis and change a few things LOL.   If you know any Doctor Who fans, please share this video.  You will brighten their day.
If you are a video gamer and know what the monster is at the end of the video comment.  It may be a bit too obscure.
Matt Smith Tribute The Long Song Before Awakening
Thanks for watching.
Jack Senzig
Children's Choir of teh Internet
Founder and Artistic Director
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