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This Instrumental Teacher Needs Help With Sight Singing Materials

In order to help their sightreading and music theory skills, and support general musicianship, I would like to start teaching my private cello and chamber music students to sight sing, and I'm looking for suggestions on what would be an excellent, graded sight singing method for students who are already fluent at reading notes.  My youngest cello kids read only bass clef, but some read treble, also, and some read tenor (so all three clefs).  My chamber music students read different clefs, too, of course.  I don't know how much of a problem that is in terms of finding a method.  I'd like to have a method which works in treble and bass, at least.  I'd love a method which eventually utilizes all key signatures, and lots of time signatures and intricate rhythms.  The girl who originally inspired my request here is also a jazz sax player, and has just started to scat, so if there's a slightly jazzy sight singing method, all the better.  I will appreciate your replies very much.  The only material I can remember was our four-part sight singing book at conservatory, and I need something which starts at the very beginning (except that we do already read music).
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