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CJ Replay: Yes, Choral Music Can

(An excerpt from the Choral Journal article “A Selected Choir in a Liberal Arts College”, by Carl A. Fehr)
       It may be assumed that educators in general agree that music, and in this case choral music, is an important aspect of the well-rounded individual. The liberal arts program strives to provide a good, general rounded background for better living. Hence, music certainly should be included in one's broadening experiences. Choral music lends itself well to provide musical and emotional outlets while the student is pursuing his major work in some other field. Too often a student tends to become one-sided in his major. Therefore, choral music experiences can help to bring about a better balance in a student's outlook. Choral music can be used as a means of affecting the student's life, of helping him to develop a richer life. His taste for good music ·can be broadened.
       Many good results can come from a student's participation in choral music: a healthy discipline; a working together with people; a sense of group accomplishment; a sense of achievement; an appreciation of things artistic; an opportunity to appear in public with his choral group, an experience to help  overcome stage fright, for example; a knowledge of good music. There are students who do have an aptitude or talent in singing, but have no desire to enter the music field as a profession. Participation in choral music is an opportunity for the student to pursue a very enjoyable and worthwhile avocation.
on August 14, 2014 6:38am
I would also mention the life-long health benefits of singing:
improved breathing
healthier posture
healthier sinus
stress reduction
deep breathing oxygenates the brain,
which helps everything function better  !
Social / professional benefits are:
improved diction
communication sensitivity
focusing and following,
at the same time raising awareness of your own instincts
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