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New FREE SATB Cheerful Anthem

Dear all,
I have just completed a new anthem that is very simple, short, and yet very beautiful that is about praising God and coming together to worship. Perfect for an introit, and very fanfare-esque.
Here is the text, which comes from the Scottish Psalter:

Sing loud to God our strength;
With joy to Jacob's God do sing.
Take up a psalm, the pleasant harp,
Timbrel and Psalt'ry bring.

O all ye kingdoms of the earth
Sing praises to this King;
For he is Lord that ruleth all,
Unto him praises sing.

I to the hills will lift mine eyes,
From whence doth come mine aid.
My safety cometh from the Lord,
Who heav'n and earth hath made.

O send thy light forth and thy truth;
Let them be guides to me,
And bring me to thine holy hill,
E'en where thy dwellings be.

If you are a choirmaster and are interested in using this piece at your service, please contact me (click my email address below) for a full PDF. It is FREE OF CHARGE!
Mason Shefa
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