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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Verify Your ChoralNet E-Mail

Over the next two days, you'll be receiving an email asking you to re-verify your ChoralNet account. When you receive this email, please click on the link, and your ChoralNet subscriptions will continue as usual. If you don't click the link, your ChoralNet e-mail subscriptions will stop until you verify your account.
Why are we doing this?
A number of you have been having problems receiving ChoralNet mail over the last couple of weeks due to people marking their ChoralNet mail as spam rather than unsubscribing properly, which causes us to be listed on spam blocking blacklists. If you haven't been receiving ChoralNet mail reliably in the last couple of weeks, this is probably why. We also have a large number of user accounts who we suspect are inactive or have logged in once to spam, and never logged in again -- but still receive mail. Re-verifying everyone's email subscriptions lets us get a better picture of who our active users are, and not waste resources sending mail to people who don't actually want it.
What do I have to do?
Just click the link in your mail. That's all! If you're an infrequent visitor to the ChoralNet website, you don't even have to remember your ChoralNet login.
What if I don't get a re-verification email, and my ChoralNet subscriptions are deactivated?
We'll be sending a second round of re-verification emails in a week. If you still didn't get one, let us know.
Does this mean I might lose my account?
If you don't verify your account, and you haven't visited the ChoralNet website recently, we may deactivate your account at some point in the future. If you verify your account, you're all good!
Hey, I forgot to verify until weeks later. How do I catch up on what I've missed?
You can catch up on your subscriptions by logging into ChoralNet, going to My ChoralNet and Read all my subscriptions.
    on February 5, 2014 7:00am
    There could be a technial problem with this plan--ChoralNet's server is currently listed on a blacklist, so if the account-verification email gets sent from the same server, it will either get blocked or relegated to the spam folder for a significant number of the users. I'll send some additional info/ideas via email.
    on February 5, 2014 11:47pm
    We'll be sending out two rounds of verification e-mails, one from a ChoralNet address, and second one later from an ACDA address (for those who, after a couple of days, aren't verified). If you don't get one, you'll likely get the other.