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St. Petersburg Summer School ACADEMY OF ORTHODOX MUSIC

Location: Russia

The VI International Orthodox Music festival and its Summer School announce the application period for the studying program of 2014 which will take place on June, 28 - July, 20, 2014.
The participation in the program is financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The enrollment is on the competitive basis.

Summer School 2014

The main aims of the festival are to revive the genuine historical tradition of Orthodox music and to acquaint with it the wide audience. The festival unites people from different countries of the world: musicians and historians, precentors and singers, composers, writing sacred music and choirs reviving the ancient singing traditions.

The events of the festival include a vast concert, educational and excursion program.The leading medievists, historians, precentors, liturgists and scholars from Russia and abroad are invited to read lectures. The participants of the festival will have the opportunity to get the practical knowledge of the genuine examples of Old Russian singing art, to see the ancient manuscripts kept in Saint Petersburg libraries, meet famous choir conductors, reviving authentic church singing of Old Russian and Byzantine traditions, to participate in the joint choir of the Orthodox music festival. The program includes the master classes in different branches of liturgical music of Russian, Byzantine, Serbian, Bulgarian, Coptic and Georgian singing traditions as well as the workshops of icon painting and mosaic making. This program consists of lectures and workshops of famous Russian and foreign experts, theme one- or several-day long excursions, concerts of the leading Russian, Greek, Serbian, Georgian orthodox music ensembles in the best concert halls of Saint Petersburg and Novgorod.

The program is crowned by the boat trip to the marvellous isle of Valaam including a visit to the functioning monastery and participating in the monastic liturgy, which is destined to become an unforgettable experience for the rest of your lives.

The International Orthodox Music Festival invites precentors, church singers, the students of Divine Academies and seminaries, precentors’ classes as well as professional musicians, interested in the practical mastering of Russian church music heritage.

The deadline for the application submission is March, 1, 2014.

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