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Good DVD player or DVD player software that can handle choral video DVDs

Hello there.  I was wondering if someone could be of assistance.
We just recently installed a projector system in our church.  The interface is VGA.  
Currently we run PowerPoint presentations off of a laptop.   Last year around the 4th of July, we did a patriotic choir musical that had an accompaniment DVD with video and split-track or accompaniment only music.  I used Free VLC player to run it, and ran an audio cable from the headphone jack to the PA system. It worked but I had some problems.   It wouldn't work by just selecting the DVD track I wanted from the menu screen.  I actually had to try and find what number title/track it was and run it without playing the DVD root menu.   Windows Media player has done the same exact thing.  I'll select the split-track or accompaniment/no narration option from the DVD root menu and if it even loads at all, it just defaults with all vocals and narration, which is usually the first track. 
The presentations we used were
"This is My Country" and "Bethlehem Morning" by Russell Mauldin
I got "This is My Country" to work, but had problems with "Bethlehem Morning" and ended up not being able to use the video.
What I was thinking about doing was just get a DVD player, using an adapter for the VGA input to the projectors and running the sound directly into the PA, removing the laptop from the equasion except for the powerpoints.    Is there a good DVD player out there that works well with these special choral split-track DVDs or does anyone know of a good DVD player software that can handle these? 

These DVDs are expensive and as a small church we can't really afford to buy them and ending up not being able to get them work.
Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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