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library file names

I recall being asked by Jack that I not include composer name with title: however, as the library grows, duplicate titles are more and more likely: Ave Maria, anyone?  How do we know which is ours and which not?
on February 7, 2014 3:17pm
So true.  I went through John Ward's program he set up for us and I see that you can change the name of the piece there without it affecting the links generated in a bad way.  
Feel free to add your name or other identifier to the library files when uploading.  Kindly save me some work by removing them from the title when you are at wardsattic entering the info. Otherwise they come as part of the anchor and it is time consuming to remove them.  I would prefer that the titles of all Ave Marias be Ave Maria. They will be posted alphabetically by composer.  I would rather not see "Jack Senzig's Ave Maria" as a title. 
Please comment if you have an opinion on this.  Thanks William for pointing out this flaw. I will change the instructions.
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