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Hymn to Reflect on God's Name

Here is a hymn that has grown in popularity...
1. Yahweh the Lord "Abba Father" True living God! There's no other!
2. Author of life o'er creation! You are my light and salvation!
3 Ancient of days King of Glory Alpha Omega who formed me!
4. Jesus Redeemer slain Lamb Word in the flesh Great I AM!
5. Invisible! Robed in splendor! My Strength! My Song! My defender!
6. Consuming fire Sovereign Lord Spirit my shield and reward!
7. Immortal God steadfast fortress! Unfail ing Love showing kindness!
on March 26, 2014 10:02pm
Jerry,  sorry it took me so long to give your Hymn a listen.  It is very trance-like and reflective.  It sounds like a good one for the Roman Catholic worship services maybe for Holy Thursday foot washing or even Good Friday veneration of the cross.  What did you use it for?
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