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Conductors and their SATB choirs needed for an innovative competition

TheC7Prize is a new, innovative approach to choral music competitions, which involves equally composers and conductors and their choirs (college and university, community, church, school, large or small, experienced or not, amateur or professional). In fact, without the input of conductors and their choirs, it will not function at all! Jack Senzig called it “an incredible composition competition… new and very exciting.” TheC7Prize (USA and Canada) was started in recognition of performance as the goal of all musical endeavors. So, TheC7Prize has to involve conductors and choirs. It may require a bit of a shift in mind-set! I hope you will find it in your timetable – and heart – to assist in this. There are definite benefits in doing so:
TheC7Prize stands for Choirs, Conductors, and Composers Collaborating on a Choral Composition Competition. It has two components- the first a traditional ‘pyramid’ competition specifically for premieres, and the second a broad based competition, which is for premieres and music previously performed but not (traditionally) published. Conductors and their choirs participating in this component will have the opportunity to choose from a large, categorized group of new and well-vetted choral works, one piece (or more) appropriate for their choir’s performance over the next choral season. In addition, if a piece is chosen and is performed, there is an exciting free music bonus, details at You could eventually be presenting a premiere, or a work already performed but not yet traditionally published, and you will be given the chance to interact with the composer.
It would certainly help bring composers on board, and would result over all in getting a lot of excellent new choral music onto the concert stage and wherever music is sung, if you would sign up to help with this by the end of February, (the competition deadline is March 10, 2014). This does not commit a conductor to anything other than looking at music with a possible view to performance. If nothing suites your choir then no choice has to be made– just like the regular process of choosing music for a concert. If you could take a moment to look at TheC7Prize that would be much appreciated. You can see who else has come on board at
Here’s all you have to do to enter the process (fill this out):
1. Choir name
2. Conductor’s name as you would like it to appear
3. Location (city, state or province, country)
4. Choir size
5. Choir website (if available)
6. Description. A maximum three-sentence description of your choir, which may include links to performances.
The following information will not be shown on the C7 website:
7. Conductor's email address (will not be published)
8. Conductor’s phone number (will not be published)
Please send this (and any questions) to 
Thanks for your help (We’ll be exhibiting all ‘Recommended Works’ and Prize works at ACCC in May, and at ACDA a year from now!)
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