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Advertizing on Facebook? Video Raises Questions

Is your choir advertizing on Facebook for members or performances?  A recent YouTube video has me questioning the value.  I would be interested in anecdotal success/failure stories.  I have not researched this in depth but it is very provocative.  The channel is a legit science and research site.
Jack Senzig
Our Musical Life Inc.
Executive Director
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on February 12, 2014 7:15am
I've used FB advertising to help increase awareness of my Composer page. I had a very small target audience for my ad - US, Canada, folks who liked ACDA, chamber music, etc. and got a modest boost in likes. As I checked out who was responding to the ads, it was clear WHY they would respond. Similar circle of friends, professional colleagues, choir directors, or students. One thing I did notice is that in general, post engagement did not increase a whole lot. I hadn't done too many posts before I ran my ad, so I didn't have too much to compare it to.

It's an interesting video, and I think that it sheds a bit of light on an otherwise confusing aspect of social media. I'm heading down to Texas this week to hear the All State choir sing a piece of mine, I'm looking forward to engaging with people more effectively in person!
How about this, we'll see how many viable likes come from people reading this post and who are curious about my music, not just an empty click!
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on June 6, 2014 8:58am
Hi Tim, (Long time no talk)
If you are otherwise communicating with your audience via Facebook and keeping them engaged with news about your music, then anything you add to your page is good. 
The thrust of the youtube video was aimed more at businesses trying to buy an audience and wasting money.  I can't see how paid advertising would work in such a specialized area. Word of mouth should be the key.  Encourage your friends to share the page with their friends.
Tim, the Facebook link you've posted is down.  Since I obviously know your music, and it's quite good, I hope you've posted some online samples.
on June 7, 2014 9:31am
Thanks for posting this video, I was wondering about whether I should try the facebook offer to buy more distribution and now I won't waste my money. 
on June 7, 2014 1:18pm
We engage a social media consultant/manager on a regular contract basis at market rates.
Social media strategy is a significant marketing channel. As in all marketing, effective use has to be crafted well, and you shouldn't just throw money at it or fall for buzz words in marketing circles. Video production is an area where you can easily spend too much money, and you should consider that in proportion to what you are trying to generate in ticket sale income.
Facebook recently changed its algorithm so that shares are more likely to be picked up. It is important to remind your membership to interact with your own postings.
Here is a choral video that has 900,000 views from YouTube. It is cute, funny, grassroots, non produced, and shareable:
Here is another one that has 100,000 views. It has a partner social service organization and a guest composer with name recognition:
Here is one with 5 million views produced by a friend of mine from a concert on a small church series. It is serious, but the public finds it due to "cultural cache" rather than a specific concert set:
Here is one with 1000 views that my organization spent over $1000 to make, not including staff time:
Finally, remember, most of a choral audience or potential choral audience may not respond to new media, and traditional strategies may be more appropriate. The persona of your target audience member may be over 50, churchy, close-minded, still has an aol email, and refuses to go to a concert held in the evening.
Yours truly,
TJ Busse
Controller, San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus
on June 8, 2014 8:15am
The last video burried the lead. You have about 6 seconds to hook a YouTube audience if you want them to watch and share. Your product looks great but the presentation either sounded like the video ads that used to come as previews to a children's video in the 1990's or an infomercial and I doubt your tickets were $9.99. Wish I could have seen the show.Did you make a CD?

The nun video and the monk's Hallelujah Chorus video that spawned it were quirky and land In the WTF category that attracts a broad internet audience. Not a typical choir video but worth giving some thought. Despite the view count I doubt it would have worked as a concert ad.

This is coming off a little patronizing, sorry. I have a lot of respect for your organization. Maybe I should have left the auto correct on my phone changing "tickets" to "turkeys" Lol

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on June 7, 2014 5:25pm
Thanks for posting Jack.  Answers a lot of puzzling questions about FB. 
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