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Advertizing on Facebook? Video Raises Questions

Is your choir advertizing on Facebook for members or performances?  A recent YouTube video has me questioning the value.  I would be interested in anecdotal success/failure stories.  I have not researched this in depth but it is very provocative.  The channel is a legit science and research site.
Jack Senzig
Our Musical Life Inc.
Executive Director
on February 12, 2014 7:15am
I've used FB advertising to help increase awareness of my Composer page. I had a very small target audience for my ad - US, Canada, folks who liked ACDA, chamber music, etc. and got a modest boost in likes. As I checked out who was responding to the ads, it was clear WHY they would respond. Similar circle of friends, professional colleagues, choir directors, or students. One thing I did notice is that in general, post engagement did not increase a whole lot. I hadn't done too many posts before I ran my ad, so I didn't have too much to compare it to.

It's an interesting video, and I think that it sheds a bit of light on an otherwise confusing aspect of social media. I'm heading down to Texas this week to hear the All State choir sing a piece of mine, I'm looking forward to engaging with people more effectively in person!
How about this, we'll see how many viable likes come from people reading this post and who are curious about my music, not just an empty click!
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