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Easy Harmonization contest $50 prize

Given a five note melodic fragment that begins and ends on tonic can you correctly identify the acceptable possible harmonizations?   Real money prize, deadline Feb 28
William Copper
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on March 1, 2014 1:33pm
I'm sad and glad that no-one took my $50.    The trick was to realize that the 2d scale step, 2d bar 1st beat, MUST be tuned high in order to arrive melodically at the leading tone, 2d bar, 2d beat.   Thus that bar had only one option: V iii, with different inversions allowed or eliminated by the parallel potentials.   See for the original contest link 
on March 3, 2014 2:00am
William - can you provide an example of anything pre-1900 with that chording? It's not something I would expect to see in "traditional" harmony.
Also, I think I'd end up hearing the iii as a V with an added 6th, which would probably ruin the effect that you're looking for.
And if the leading note A from the V is carried on into the iii by the same voice - which would be the obvious way to harmonise the ATB parts, for example - wouldn't that also affect the tuning of the A in the melody?
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