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Guest conductor pay

I'm gathering information about honorarium rates for guest conductors for honor choir.  We have a guest come for 1 1/2 days, leads rehearsals 4-9 pm (with dinner break), next day 8 am - 3 pm with lunch break, concert that night 7-9 pm (with other levels of honor choirs).  Room and travel is paid for.  Can you share what you pay guest conductors?  Thanks for any insights,
Jennie Tibben
Damonte Ranch High School
Reno, NV
on February 22, 2014 4:57am
I have information to share on a one-day Elementary level honor choir and I'm hoping that it at least gives you some food for thought.  We have a guest conductor come for one day only, leads rehearsal 8:00-2:00 or 2:30ish (snack and lunch breaks, 10:30ish and 12ish).  Concert at 4pm.  A simple $500 honorarium is given to the conductor.  That is the limit that PMEA District 7 has set.  One day festival is not a great demand on the conductor, though, as overnight festivals.  Although, a one day event requires a different kind of preparation, too.
I'd love to hear how you make out with the plans.
Jonas Sterner
James Gettys Elementary School
Gettysburg, PA
on February 23, 2014 8:54am
ACDA-MN has the following policy regarding Honor Choir directors/clinicians. There are partial day/one-day events.


(Revised January, 2010)
Honorariums will be paid to the conductor following guidelines adopted by the ACDA-MN board. These guidelines are in direct compliance with those suggested by the national ACDA office and will apply to honor choirs at all levels of performance. 
An honor choir director/clinician will be paid:
$325 for any session up to three hours in length
$425 for any session from three to five hours
$700 for a session from five to eight hours long.
You might consider contacting the ACDA national office also to learn about their current recommendations for these situations.
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