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Pronunciation Guides & Diction Tutoring available at

Location: New York, USA
SingersBabel opens Online Store and releases Updates Site!
SingersBabel helps singers learn the pronunciation and meaning of texts in German, Latin, French, and English. Each person can listen to a native speaker recite the text in two speeds, while viewing a literal translation and IPA transcription in video format on their computer or mobile device. 
Singers can use these tools to improve their pronunciation at their own pace before rehearsal, so the ensemble and conductor can make the most of the time during rehearsal. Ensembles who use these tools also experience more unified vowels, better tuning, a deeper connection to the text, and greater vocal freedom. 
Visit our Online Store to purchase any work for individual use. 
Monthly Ensemble Subscriptions available starting at $1.50/singer. For a limited time, any ensemble that subscribes can request a Free Pronunciation Guide of a text not in our library! 
Need something not currently in our library? Rush order it using the [pju mɔsːso] Repertoire Request service!
Tutoring Services - Want to take your diction to the next level?  Work one-on-one with an experienced tutor on a tricky sound or text, techniques for presenting texts to large groups, or learning the rules of pronunciation in German, French, Latin (Ecclesiastical, French, German), English and soon Italian!
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Here's a sneak preview a new work to be released next week! (In this video each line is recited poetically then slowly.)
BWV 80 - Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott - Movement 1