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Re: Kate Rusby Arrangements

I think I received good news from Pure Records regarding arranging Kate Rusby's music.  You more experienced composers who have arranged other people's work may need to share some of your insight. 
They told me that Kate's music is handled by a rights agency called prs/mcps Alliance. I looked them up and found that they are affiliated with our standard rights groups in the US (BMI, ASCAP and SESAC).  Searching further I found many of Kate's songs are covered by BMI for prs/mcps.  You can go to the BMI site and search which songs they have covered.  I found only three titles under ASCAP and I don't recognise them.  I found none with SESAC. Her company said that many of her songs are folk songs and are in the public domain.  We would need to look into each individual song.   I will check the two songbooks I have of hers and see if there is any such indication there.  I don't believe there is. 
So could someone please walk us through the process of getting a license from BMI to arrange and sell a piece of music they cover?  I could not find such a category on the prs/mcps website.  I am sure it will be different depending on where you live.  I personally would like to know how to do it for the US. 
My contact at Pure Records said they would talk to me more about this but I would rather have a good idea of what to ask before I approach them. 
I sincerely believe there is a treasure trove of choral music here waiting to be developed and shared.  I would love to promote such pieces on the Showcase. 
on March 6, 2014 9:20pm
So I just spent a pleasant three hours I didn't have listening to all of Kate's songs I have with an ear toward choral arrangements.  I hope someone finds this usefull.  Songs are divided up by album.  I meant to put a star next to a few I thought would work really well but as you see, I couldn't pick.  I did reduce 108 to 64.  I am not yet sure which are folk songs, arrangements, covers or originals.  If you let me know what you are interested in I will see what I can find out. 
Awkward Annie
*Bitter Boy  SSA
*John Barbary SATB or SSA
     Change text to “There was a Lady on the bay”
High on a Hill TTBB SATB
Farewell SATB
*Planets SATB
*** The Old Man SAB SA
*Daughter of Heaven
*Blooming Heather (Definitely a folk song.  I have done other arrangements of this.)
The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly
*The Game of all Fours SATB Divisi (I think this is a bit risqué but I must admit I don’t understand the references)
*The Lark (Folk Song?)
*** A Ballad SSA
*You Belong to Me (This is a cover) SSA
Elfin Knight TB uptempo
*Bonnie House of Airlie SATB (Folk Song?)
* Wandering Soul SA
* Fare Thee Well (For my funeral please.  This reminds me of lying awake waiting for the dawn after recurring nightmares I had as a child)
*** Little Jack Frost SA SATB TTB (This was written for a kids movie, that might complicate.)
Sir Eglamore SATB (Folk Song?) uptempo (See “10” for better version)
**Jolly Ploughboys TTBB (Folk Song?)
**Annan Waters TTB (Folk Song?)
******************* A Rose in April SSA (Folk Song?)
*Radio Sweethearts SATB (Not Elvis Costello)
I Am Stretched On Your Grave TTBB (Folk Song?)
*** Old Man Time SA SSA
Little Lights
** Playing of Ball SSAA
*I Courted a Sailor SSA
Withered and Died SSA
Let the Cold Wind Blow SSA
William and Davy TTBB uptempo
*** Who Will Sing Me Lullabies SA  SSA
Matt Hyland SATB (Folk Song?)
My Young Man SSA (Coal Miner Folk Song?)
Make the Light
*The Wishing Wife SSA  uptempo
Lately SSA
****The Cobbler’s Daughter SSA (A Song of Power) uptempo
I Wonder What is Keeping My True Love Tonight SSA
*** The Fairest of Yarrow SSA uptempo
*The Unquiet Grace SSA
*Sweet Bride SATB SSA SA
*** The Duke and the Tinker SATB TTB
*** The Sleepless Sailor SATB
Sweet Bells
Here We Come A-Wassailing SATB (Folk Song-Not the melody you know)
**Sweet Bells SATB SA
The Holy and the Ivy SATB (Folk Song-Not the melody you know)
* Candlemas Eve (original song) SA SATB
Hark, Hark, What News SA
**Hail Chime On SA
** The Recruited Collier SSA
** I Wish SSA
** Over You Now SSA
*** The Sleepless Sailor (See Sleepless for better version)
*** The Fairest of All Yarrow (See Sleepless)
I Wonder What is keeping My True Love Tonight (See Sleepless0
** Sweet Bride (See Sleepless)
The Maid of Llanwellyn TTB (Folk Song?)
Sir Eglamore SATB Uptempo
*Night Visiting Song SA SATB
*Cowsong SATB Divisi
Underneath The Stars
**Cruel SSA
**** The White Cockade (Original Arrangement) SATB
* Young James SSA
* Falling  SSA (Listen to at least 1:20)
* Polly SSA
**** Sweet William’s Ghost SSA SA
on March 7, 2014 6:16am
I actually work as a music licensing administrator for my 'day job' and my main resposibility is securing arrangement licensing on behalf of marching band, show choir, drum corps, etc. clients.  BMI doesn't have the ability to issuing licensing for arrangement use, as they are only represent the composer/publisher in performance rights and royalties.  Arrangement licensing needs to be secured from the owner of the print rights.  I did a quick bit of research through my usual channels and haven't found much information available.  However, I did find that some of her titles appear to be published by Camel Vision Music, which is a division of Small World Music, Inc.  I'll reach out to them and try to get some more information!
Dustin Oldenburg
Applauded by an audience of 3
on March 7, 2014 11:22am
Do you know anything about the "While Mortals Sleep" album?  Her (Kate Rusby's) website says the songs are South Yorkshire inspired songs and carols.  Could those fall into the realm of public domain folk songs?
I based my arrangement of "Home" on the song from the album.  Perhaps her arrangements of the folk songs would move them from public domain into copyright.
Just wondering. 
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