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The Plan

Hi Guys,
    Thanks for all you three have already contributed to the community.  I am finding it harder and harder to meet my deadlines as my family time commitment has increased.  One daughter is a senior in high school and two others are now active in martial arts.  My free time has gone out the window and I have missed several ChoralNet deadlines.
I have already asked Ray to pick up entering the editor's notes for the Silver Platter Awards and to keep the Silver Platter Page up to date.
I asked John to keep working on making our Landing page look less "Ghetto" as I believe someone put it. Please contribute suggestions and critique.
Here are other things I could use help with:
Greg would you consider backing up the showcase each week or two?  If not you, someone else?  All you need to do is go to each voicing page, click edit, select all of the text and save it into a .docs file.  There is no reaily accessible back-up through ChoralNet and our webmaster has made it clear that it is no small task to retrieve the info.  Ray, maybe you could back-up the Silver Platter page when you enter a new one each week.
I would like to get the composer of the month articles going again but know I don't have the time to do them well.  I really enjoyed writing them and made some excellent contacts.  I always asked the composer for two people I could email for their perspective on the composer's work or the experience working with them.  It is a lot of fun and really bolsters some pride in our community.  Any takers?
I am reluctant to give up entering the piece descriptions into the showcase, INDEX, FEED and SEASONAL pages but I keep falling behind.  Would any of you consider being added to John's mailing list?  Whenever someone enters their data on Ward's Attic I get an email with the info.  All you do is cut and paste into the aforementioned places.
I really enjoy my role promoting works on the Composition Spotlight but I could use some minor assistance there as well.  Would any of you consider writing one or two and sending them to me? When I know I am going to miss a deadline I could submit yours with you as the author.  Presently, I create these articles in word, add the links, find works that would program well on Sheet Music Plus and JWPepper (this is often time consuming) and send them off to Scott Dorsey at ACDA who uploads the articles.  I do not have access to the ChoralBlog directly.   If you decide to do this, keep them short.  They have requested they be about 150 words long or less. That is a soft target.
Lastly, I could use your suggestions on how to get people more involved in the community and/or to make the community more valuable to conductors. 
Remember that what you write in this forum is public so go ahead and share.
on March 25, 2014 11:08am
I apologize for my slow response.  Yes, I will start backing up the Showcase as you instructed every week or two.  
It does seem that the Community is less active than it was a year ago, but that seems to correspond to less activity on ChoralNet as a whole as well as my own reduced frequency of participation in choral matters generally (I have been focussed on a series of instrumental pieces for the past several months).  I think it is ok for the community to go through "quiet times" as well as "active times," as long as the structure remains in place so that activity can easily revive when there is a need or content.  I know why my choral activity has slowed (the focus on instrumental pieces), but I don't know why it seems that ChoralNet activity in general is reduced.  
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