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ACDA staff recently did a purge of inactive users.  We lost 300 members as a result. Were you deleted by mistake? 
Make a new account here: or contact the webmastwr here: to be reinstated.  I'm not sure what advantage there is to being reinstated except that maybe your old posts will contain your name instead of "Archived User."  So it would be a lot less work for the webmaster if you just signed up again.
All members were sent an email confirmation message.  I have a feeling a lot of people thought it was spam and didn't click on it.  Since this community is only a few years old, all of the members of this community physically added themselves to the membersip roster.  Therefore, those that are still alive (our original founder Randall Giles is the only deceased member I am aware of) may still want to be members.   Help spread the word if any colleagues are struggling to use this site. 
on March 19, 2014 11:46am
I was deleted. I've been so busy (new choir job this school year in a school that previously had almost no choral program) that I hadn't posted for a while and I was completely deleted, not only from communities, but choralnet in general. I haven't been very active the last few months, but I'd made some posts since the turn of the year on various forums. I was still deleted to my surprise (I've been relatively active on choralnet the last few years, although I've never been a daily poster). It was a shame. I just recreated an account without trying to be reinstated. I will try to stay a little more active even during busy times.
I love this community and will be more involved once life settles down again.
God Bless to all
Michael Sandvik
on March 22, 2014 4:19pm
This is all a big mess.  Most people get their ChoralNet posts as emails.  ChoralNet emails were being pegged as spam.  For some very real functionality reasons the powers-that-be decided to have all users verify their emails.  It makes sense but the safeguards to involve all stakeholders in such decisions seem to have been cut since ChoralNet was taken over by ACDA. The ChoralNet Committee which I serve on has not functioned much since then unless I do some poking.   
9 members of this community that have works on the Composition Showcase were deleted.  I have given the list to the webmaster to see if he can reinstate them.  If any deleted members are reading this, I will post about it soon once I have more info.  I have asked for a membership list pre-purge so at least I can go through one by one and try to find these lost souls.  Many are people I have recruited.  blrrrrggggg! Some I have emails for or am connected to through Linked-In.  
Anybody that is not connected to me via Linked-in feel free to send me a request to help with any future loss of connectivity.  Deleted users are welcome to email me at jacksenzig3(a)  
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