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Sunday Repertoire Sharing Lent 2 2014

What a treat today, almost all of our members showed up.  We had 6 sopranos!  Ah, the little things in life...
We sang The Cross by Craig Courtney SATB and piano.  It is an excellent #3 difficulty piece.  There are a couple of naked unsupported entrances which I had to convince the accompanist not to fill in.  These present a bit of a challenge for the choir and I like that.  It is a very spiritually moving piece for me personally.  So many crosses to bear, yet the cross is all we need.  It worked especially well today as we had a youth mime group present the Passion.  Sometimes I feel a higher power has a hand in our song selection.
Here's a video I found on YouTube:
on March 16, 2014 3:09pm
Jack, you had the good luck of the day ... meanwhile, we were down five people, including some of our best singers, due to illnesses and OOT travel. Ouch! Nevertheless, we presented "Lead Me, Precious Lord" by Thomas Dorsey and Doris Akers, arranged by Paul Davidson (SATB). It's a good pairing of two old gospel standards, "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" and "Lead Me, Guide Me", with the latter in a bluesy setting. On one of the verses + chorus of "Lead Me, Guide Me", TB have the melody while SA/SSA (divisi optional) sing "back-up", which our folks particularly enjoyed. Multiple key changes add interest and momentum. On Jack's 1-5 scale I think this one is about a 3 for the average choir.
Toni Gould
Northlawn United Methodist Church,
Grand Rapids, MI
Applauded by an audience of 2
on March 16, 2014 5:49pm
We had a wonderful morning, singing "Requiem" by Giacomo Puccini for organ and viola...
The latest edition, by Theodore Presser (PR.362032090), in terms of cost (less than $2.00) is extremely reasonable, compared with the Ricordi edition (around $6.00 per copy). I had purchased the Ricordi edition twice, for a total of 90 copies, and did not receive a thank you note. What gives? The Requiem is 6 minutes in length, that's about $1.00 per minute. 
Written for  3-Part Chorus (S.T.B.), Viola and Organ or Harmonium is edited by Pietro Spada from the original manuscript. Monty Carter of the William Jewel College faculty played viola. Additionally, Mr. Carter played a Ballade for viola by Ralph Vaughan Williams during communion. I don't have to worry about accompanists, as I play either organ or piano for myself. 
I only have one recommendation: If you are short on men, have the altos sing the tenor. This works very well. Although I did not do that this morning, I have in the past. Additionally, I prefer the violist to play non-aggressively to compliment the choir’s pure vowels and sustained tones.
Thomas R. Vozzella
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
Kansas City, Missouri
Applauded by an audience of 1
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