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Concert Theme: Toyland

I am looking for songs in SA, SSA or SSAA for a fall concert with Toyland as its theme.  Your suggestions would be appreciated.  I am especially looking for a treble arrangement of "My Dreidel" by Goldfarb.  I used an effective arrangement back in the 1960's but, of course, no longer have access to that school library.  Perhaps someone has a copy to loan?  My group is an adult community chorus.  Thank you for any help you can give.  Carla Strandberg, Director, Women of Note, Long Beach California. 
on March 22, 2014 7:45am
Several years ago, I had the same theme for a winter concert which was very effective! One of the pieces we used was "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers" arranged by Leavitt
When I'm at school next week, I'll check about the Dreidel song in my school library. It sounds familiar, though I have never used it, so it may be in the library.
on March 22, 2014 8:10am
Hi, Carla.  Speaking of toys, last year the girls choir at Ramona Convent up in Alhambra, just 30 min. north of you, had a ball singing my original carol, "Santa Claus Tango," which mentions toys and cookies.  I have it in SSAA as well as the original SATB, both a cappella.  Pretty funny number with lots of vocal "divebomber" scoops.  You can hear a version with piano added by going into my Web site,, clicking on the Holiday & Seasonal link, then scrolling down to title and clicking on the blue play tab.  If you'd like to take a look at the score, just get back to me directly: Ken(a)
on March 22, 2014 6:28pm
We've talked before about the difference between music written for women and for young treble voices, but I had to submit this piece since it fit your theme so well. It's called "Twenty Questions," and it from a larger cycle of piece written using the words and thoughts of patients in the Children's Hospital of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The title comes from the game Twenty Questions, but also has a more metaphoric meaning as well.
(I also want to send you the piece for this year's consortium. I think you'll like it!)
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