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The Choir of St. Paul

Category: Choirs with Religious Affiliation
Category: School Choirs
Voicing: Children
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

St. Paul's Church Harvard Square is home to one of very few traditional choirs of boys and men in the USA. The Choir is supported by the only Roman Catholic Boys Choir School in America, while the  professional men are drawn from local music colleges including the Longy School of Music, NEC and Boston Conservatory.

As a primarily liturgical Choir, the principal focus of music-making is the Mass, in celebration of which the boys and men sing music from the great history of the Church, in the fine acoustics of St. Paul's Church Harvard Square. Plainsong, Polyphony, Romantic and Contemporary composition are all represented in our repertoire. The boys sing at daily services, with the result that our boys have a large repertoire of boys-voice music. The Choir is accompanied by expert organ playing, and the liturgy is adorned with stylistically appropriate organ improvisation.

The Choir is fed by a training choir of 4th and 5th grade boys known as 'The Trebles,' they sing three times each week. When a boys voice changes, he enters the 'Schola Cantorum,' who are a group of young men in the midst of vocal transision. 

You may contact the Choir by email to 

by telephone at 617 868 8658 X319