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Perform Bernstein Mass in Rome with Dr. Andre Thomas in June 2015

Location: Italy

Dr. André Thomas has selected Leonard Bernstein's Mass as the musical centerpiece for the 2015 Rome Choral Festival at the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli. We are inviting accomplished children’s choirs to join with mixed choruses from across the U.S. to perform this uniquely American masterpiece in one of Rome’s most splendid churches. 

Don’t know much about Mass by Bernstein? Watch & Listen:

Here is a quote from the concert version editor, Dr. Doreen Rao:

"At the heart of Mass was Leonard Bernstein’s passion for peace. Intended to be ecumenical in both a musical and religious sense, Bernstein used the Latin text of the Catholic Mass as the basis for this monumental and original work. The mass form unifies the edgy and appealing popular song forms [and lyric by the composer and popular Broadway lyricist Stephen Schwartz] that question the values of faith contrasted with the expressive concert melodies that symbolically reference faith beyond doubt. The musical tensions created by this mixture of diverse song styles mirrors the tensions of an American period of political unrest. Bernstein’s prayers for peace and quest for renewed faith heard in his lyrical melodies and probing rhythms in MASS reflect a time in history, not unlike the world today." 

Join Dr. Thomas and many other choirs from across the U.S. in Rome next year to perform Leonard Bernstein’s masterpiece. Contact us:


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