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Hello Everyone,
I usually don't ask for help but it just occured to me to just out and out ASK y'all and have it over with.
I am doing a presentation on music inclusion (title:  Music Inclusion: How to Open Your Classroom...and your Special Learning Populations)this coming Monday to a group of music and music ed students at a university.  I've given many such presentations, for music teachers and for parents of young children with autism as well.  The one question/statement I get from all is--"after they get out of school there isn't any music program for them, so why should we bother?"  And since we know there certainly ARE programs such as Joyful Noise and their clones, I would like to get some of your flyers or something from as many of your programs as I am able.  If anyone could email me an attachment of a flyer, brochure or anything such at that by Sunday evening it would really help.  I started by going to some of your websites....I didn't want to print up your newsletters, just a little something....and the more diverse in geography, the better.  The email you should use is : marie (at)
Thanks! Take care and hope all are well and making music!
on April 5, 2014 6:07am
We're grateful to you, Marie, for doing presentations asking educators to open their hearts to special learning populations and their families! I'm confident you show them that it can be an incredibly rewarding opportunity for everyone. I hope some of us can send flyers for Marie's presentations. 
If you have a chorus with singers with disabilities, even if you don't have a ready-made flyer to send Marie, though, would you post a quick response here? It could be as simple as your ensemble's name, location, general description, and approximate number of members. We'd all love to hear what you're doing!
On Monday, I'm hoping you may see one possible answer to the question "so why should we bother?"
Warm wishes to all!
Allison Fromm
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