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S.A.T.B. (2 per part i.e. 8 singers) arrangements with big band - level 3 +/-

Thus far, we have focused on using a cappella & digital show trax so that we can remain focused on blend development.  
A New, exciting opportunity has just come into play... local community big bands!  Wow!  Who in themselves are interested in 'bumping it up to have more than 1 vocalist front their sound.  Lucky for us!? Maybe!  There's no set timeline or rush on this... 
I have received a few suggestions as far as publishers/arrangers i.e. SOUND MUSIC PRESS, Mike Carubia charts - 
Here's the situation:  I have an 8 singer (2 per part.. nice blend) adult[we are all over 40 yrs of age!] community vocal jazz group;  We have a couple of community big bands (viz. swing, etc.) in our area;  I would like to obtain charts for 'the big scene' i.e. vocal & big band ensemble.
Since we are with lots of other responsiblities and we are  'hobby singers' who work full time, and we meet once a week, its got to be reasonablly challenging (we are all musician singers - we sight sing and have keyboard skills) but NOT OVER THE TOP with (lots of) scat artistery or solo & v.j. nor ssaattbb, at least not yet!  
I've got leads from for charts on MOONGLOW, FASCINATING RHYTHM, & MOON RIVER... I think we can handle up to level 3+ but I don't want to go over the top (yet)... lol! 
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