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A peculiar situation...easiest, least expensive path to teaching credential--HELP!!

After a 20+ year career in music ministry, I now teach direct choirs at a private high school part-time and have had overwhelming and successful results in my few years there, having led my choir to the state championship each year. While I love my setting and have no urge to leave, I am finding it difficult to maintain a living and the schedule of teaching music privately and teaching at the school. I'd like the opportunity to get a job teaching full-time at a high school. Of course, I hope that the school I currently work at will find its way to a full-time position, but I don't sense it happening soon. I have people calling me about this because of my success, but I can't apply because I don't have the teaching credential. I have fallen in love with this new career, love the age group, and have this uncanny way of making amazing music with my students!
Here is the problem: while I am highly educated, I do not have a teaching credential, nor do I have a B.A. in Music or Music Ed. In order to get certified and to compete for a public high school job, I'd need to finish a B.A. or a Master's Degree in Music Ed. At 50 years old, I can't afford a degree in terms of time or money. I'm not trying to short cut the system. I simply am wondering if anyone is aware of highly practical, efficient, fast-track, and less expensive ways of completing an online degree program that would gain me certification. Any help is welcome.
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