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"In Silence"

My latest commission performed by the Bemidji State University Choir under the direction of Dr. P. Bradley Logan. "In Silence" ..Link and poem below. Anyone interested in performing, let me know!

 In Silence, by Thomas Merton

 Be still.

 Listen to the stones of the walls,
 they try to speak your name.
 Listen to the living walls,
 they try to speak your name.

 Who are you? Who?

 Do not think of what you are,
 still less of what you one day may be.
 Rather, be what you are,
 be the unthinkable one you do not know.

 O, be still while you are still alive,
 and all things live around you,
 speaking to you, to your being,
 speaking by the unknown that is in you
 and in themselves.

 How can a man be still,
 Or listen to all things burning?
 How can he dare sit with them,
 When all their silence is on fire?

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