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Adding more instruments that just piano

I am a Music Education student at the University fo Southern Maine. I am taking a Chroal Conducting class and we were given pieces that we are going to conduct at certains schools. The piece I was given was Agnus Dei from "Missa Kenya" which includes piano, horn and percussion accompianment. 
My question for this piece and in general for other pieces, is it usually harder to add other instruments other than piano to SATB? And how would one go with praciting with both groups? Practicing together multiple times very close to the concert or multiple practices over a couple of months before the concert?
on April 21, 2014 6:44pm
Dear Heaterh:
I am a horn player who has played this and other pieces by Paul Basler.  
How you rehearse with the the horn depends on how good the horn player
is and how important you think it is for the singers to get used to the 
horn.  I am a professional level player and think that two rehearsals should
do it.  Since you are a student, your first choice will probably be to choose
a student player.  In that case, I would consult with the horn instructor at
your school about how many rehearsals are needed.  If the player hasn't done
the piece before, of if the player isn't experienced in playing this kind of gig,
then one early rehearsal plus two later ones would be helpful.
If your performance is in a busy season for your school, make sure you
clarify the schedule as soon as possible.
Cool piece.  Enjoy it.
Brian Holmes
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