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birth and death dates for Wilfrid Shaw

Greetings! I'm looking for the birth and death dates of Wilfrid Shaw. We are singing his An Evening's Pastorale TTBB. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Mark
on April 22, 2014 5:59am
here's what i found from a 1912 UK Dictionary of Organs and Organists.
"Professor of Music" can simply refer to a professional music teacher, i believe.
for his death date it might be necessary to scour local newspapers like the Liverpool Echo.
good hunting.
philip barnes
st. louis, mo
address: 13, Littledale Road, Egremont, Cheshire.
Born 1883 at Royton, Lancashire.
Educated at Oldham, Rochdale, Manchester and Liverpool.
Professor of Music.
Deputy Organist Wesleyan Chapel, Royton, 1899  (age 16) ; Zion Chapel, Lees, Oldham, 1904 ; Myrtle Street Baptist Church,  Liverpool*, since 1907.
Accompanist, Orchestral Society, 1898 (age 15),  then Conductor of same.
Musical Director, Wallasey Gentlemen's Glee Club, Cheshire.
Recreation : Golf.
* this building, once an 'important' congregation, was closed in 1939.
[Shaw is still described as conductor of the Wallasey Ladies' Choral Society in 1917]
on April 22, 2014 11:27am
Thank you.
on April 22, 2014 6:11pm
Wilfrid Shaw’s last piece, “When Day is Done,” was copyrighted in Aug. of 1938.  Hope that helps!
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