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Gather us in

I am looking for an SATB anthem titled "Gather Us In" with the words Gather us in, the love that filleth all -- Gather our rival faiths within Thy fold, Rend each one's temple veil, and bid it fall, that we may know that Thou has been of old."  I thought I remembered it as an Alice Parker arrangement, but searching for that is not panning out.  The melody was very linear, mostly unison.  The anthems that I've found by Haugen and Althouse don't have the correct words.  Any ideas?
on April 23, 2014 8:08am
This George Matheson poem was set to a hymn by Edward Dearle. Maybe the piece you're thinking of was an arrangement of this hymn?
on April 23, 2014 8:16am
Dear Martha,
The song you're looking for appears in "Church Hymnary 4" in the UK (the big purple book): - sadly they don't give a source for the tune and apparently can't trace the copyright owner!
I only have the melody version here - the tune I have is in 6/8+3/8 and starts A-G-A-C. If anyone has a harmony copy handy, they could maybe scan it?
on April 23, 2014 8:19am
And the tune by Haugen is indeed something completely different. I haven't found the Althouse one.
on April 23, 2014 8:28am
Enter the following in a web serch engine:
                  gather us in
You'll get a link to the full text of the hymn and some other info that may help you refine your search for an SATB arrangement.
A public domain PDF of the hymn in harmony is also available there if this tune (PENITENTIA) is the one you're searching for. Since it's public domain you can make an arrangement of your own, if that's what you want...
-Cecil Rigby
Clemson, SC
Applauded by an audience of 1
on April 24, 2014 6:25am
I DID find the hymn version of the Matheson poem, but it wasn't what I was looking for.  After more investigation I found that the version I'm looking for is by Jane Marshall (the tune is NOT an arrangement of the original hymn tune).  Originally published by Sacred Music Press, its rights are now owned by Lorenz.  I've contacted them and the music is permanently out of print, but they are looking to see if they have the original files so that a special print can be done.  By the way, if anyone is interested in doing an anthem with the words from the first two verses of the Matheson poem, I highly recommend the Jane Marshall piece.  It's difficult, but extremely beautiful with an emphasis on the Matheson words.  Stay tuned, if Lorenz can't reprint, I may be scouring this forum for a copy!  Thanks to all who replied - your help is greatly appreciated!
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