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2 part choir music for Solfege practice

I am looking for 2-3 part music that would be easily sight-readable with moveable solfege for Middle Schoolers. Any suggestions?
on April 29, 2014 4:20am is working well for me.
try it free, then $30 yearly subscription.
You can customize your excercises by difficulty, key, time signature, etc.
on April 29, 2014 6:34am
I really like 90 Easy Thre-Part Exercises from the Keys to Sight Reading Success (book 4) by John Hemmenway.  It's published by AMC publications in Houston, TX.  The rhythms are very simple and the melodies are initally scale wise or tonic triad based.  The left side page is SSA and the right side page is the same exercises written in SAB.  The book includes a variety of keys and time signatures arranged from very easy to medium difficulty.  Check out the whole series.  I've also used the unison book but I think the 3 part book is easier than the 2 part.
Pennsylvania Youth Chorale
on April 29, 2014 8:40am
You can print free sightreading pages here: 
There are all different voicings for each year.  I use them a lot.
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