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Who has done who's music

Hello All,
I've been looking over music I've conducted/sung in the last couple of years and I thought it would be interesting and enlightening to know who of us has conducted/sung music by composers in this community.
Besides my own music, I've conducted "Psalm 150" by Hildegunnur Runarsdottir and "Jesus" (a cappella version) by Joy Decoursey-Porter. I've purchased Anna Dembska's arrangement of "De Colores" which I will do at some point with my current choir (probably next school year, although I originally planned for this year).
I've sung in choir that performed Donald Patriquin's well known piece "Jen te le moulin" although I did not become acquainted with his work through choral net.
At some point there is piece by Melinda Bargreen I really want to do (escaping me at the moment, but I have it on record).
All the pieces I've done from this community have been well received by singers, audiences, and have been enjoyable for me to conduct.
I would love to hear about whose pieces you have directed from our contacts here.
God Bless,
Michael Sandvik
on May 9, 2014 6:39pm
Tumble weeds seem to have blown past your post. I am glad to see that you are programming so man CCMC composers. We have a big weekend coming up May 24. Our choirs will be performing 4 works by members. I mentioned them elsewhere but they are by Brian Holmes Wallace De Pue Daryl Crockford and Ivo Antognini. Many others have been performed.

Anyone else?

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